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Aerial Construction Progress Reports from Above It All Aerial Photography

If you are managing a construction project you will need to monitor the progress of that project very closely. There are many tools used by project managers to aid them in the planning and management of large scale building projects. In the age of the internet it's easier than ever to research methods that suit you, and a thorough investigation is recommended. Gantt charts and other planning tools will help you to identify the critical path and set deadlines but you need an effective way of making sure that you are going to meet those deadlines. To ensure that any building or construction project is running on schedule you need some kind of progress reporting system in place. At its simplest, this may involve you making regular site visits yourself which can be time consuming, expensive and often logistically impractical. You could rely on written reports produced by a team of surveyors, the construction company themselves, perhaps you even rely on regular conversations with the site foreman. However, the most effective and economical way of monitoring the progress of any building work is to use the aerial construction progress reporting service from Above It All Aerial Photography.

We will visit your construction site (or sites) at regular intervals and provide you with a series of oblique aerial photographs of the building work which will show you in detail exactly how the construction work is progressing. Each time we visit a site we supply you with aerial photographs from a variety of angles and the bird's eye view of the building site allows you to assess in an instant the progress of the construction. You will receive close-ups and wider angle views and if you have any specific requirements - perhaps you want close-ups of particular parts of the building - we will include these too. You will receive your high resolution aerial photographs on CD or DVD a couple of days after the photographs are taken. For urgent requests we can sometimes make the photos available for you to download the next day. You are free to use digital photos supplied as part of our aerial construction progress reporting service for presentations and most publications at no extra cost.

Above It All's aerial construction progress reporting service is used by both large and small construction companies, architects, surveyors and Government authorities amongst others. We supply the service for both single site projects and those with multiple locations. The more sites we can photograph in a single trip, the greater the savings that are passed on to you. See our prices page for information about the price of our aerial construction progress reporting service and if you have any questions or you wish to receive a free quotation with no obligations attached, please contact us.

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