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Vertical Aerial Photography from Above It All Aerial Photography

The technical definition of vertical aerial photography is photography looking down on a subject at an angle of less than or equal to three degrees from the vertical. We can offer two types of overhead photography to meet your requirements - one matching the definition above and also what we call "near overhead photography".

Vertical Aerial Photography

For our vertical aerial photography service we have the use of a specially adapted aeroplane in which the camera is mounted vertically in a stabilised camera mount. We can supply vertical aerial photographs in all the main formats for the leading mapping software including ECW, TIFF and MrSID formats. The aerial photographs can be supplied fully orthorectified, geo-referenced and stitched (mosaiced) if this is required or we can simply supply you with the overhead images uncorrected.Vertical Aerial Photograph

This type of vertical photography is used mostly for mapping projects, surveys, forestry and timber estimating, flood risk assessment, studies of coastal erosion or any situation where the aerial photography must cover large areas of land. If you are after a one-off overhead image of a single site or sites in different geographic locations our near overhead aerial photography service will probably suit your needs and be more economical.

Near Overhead Aerial Photography

For our near overhead photography service we use the same aeroplane as for our oblique aerial photography. We are able to achieve aerial photographs which are almost from directly overhead using this method and these provide most clients with the plan views they are looking for. This type of aerial photography produces results that differ from our oblique aerial photography and vertical aerial photography but is of equally high quality. Near overhead aerial photographs produce an almost map like image which can be used to guide people around a site, campus, event or location. For smaller areas this technique can produce the required result at a very economical price.

Please see our prices page for information about the cost of the above services. If you want a free quote with no obligations attached or if you want to know more about any of our services, please contact us.


Oblique Aerial PhotographNear Overhead Aerial Photograph












Oblique Aerial Photograph

Near Overhead Aerial Photograph