About Above It All Aerial Photography

Above It All Aerial Photography was founded as a commercial concern by Steve Beavis in 2005. Steve had actually been supplying friends and family with photographs (both aerial and otherwise) long before this but back then his busy career made Above It All Photography nothing more than a plan for the future and aerial photography was still a hobby.

Since the very beginning, Above It All Aerial Photography have aimed to provide the highest quality of service to both businesses and individuals. We use professional grade digital SLR cameras and high quality lenses which (together with years of experience) ensure that the photos produced are of the very best quality. Along the way we have gained many big name clients and repeat customers who know that Above It All will supply them with the photographs they require at Down-To-Earth pricesTM. We can count amongst our clients some big names such as King Sturge LLP, BDP (Building Design Partnership) Ltd and ARUP Engineering. We offer a flexible service and undertake work as part of large multi-site contracts and single site commissions for individuals or small businesses.

We operate a unique two tier pricing structure which allows clients to benefit from savings if they can wait until we have other work in the same area. That is not to say that the price we would charge for an urgent job is high - all our prices are extremely competitive but don't just take our word for this, contact us for a free, no obligation quote and you will agree.

Although we started by providing our services in the north east of England, our services are not restricted to this area. As the business has developed we have found that there has been an increasing demand for our services across Scotland, Northern England and indeed across the rest of the UK. In order to best service this growing demand, we have formed key partnerships with aircraft operators in strategic parts of the UK. This means that we can generally reach your target site with the least amount of flying necessary which keeps the end cost down. One of these strategic partnerships has proven so successful that the administration of the business was moved to the Glasgow area in 2011 though we still offer coverage of the Newcastle area and north of England at the same rock bottom prices