Aerial Photography at Down-to-Earth Prices

At Above It All Aerial Photography we aim to provide you with a high quality service at extremely competitive prices. The main factors that affect the price we charge for our aerial photography are:

Whilst you probably have very little control over most of these factors, you can control the cost to some degree by being flexible with your deadlines. See below for details of our unique two-tier pricing structure.

Oblique Aerial Photography Prices

If you need your photographs by a particular date we will provide you with a written quote for your commission. Prices will vary upwards and downwards to take account of the aspects mentioned above but for a single site the price would vary around the £300 + VAT mark. For example, a straight forward single site in the north east of England or central Scotland could cost as little as £275 + VAT. We make the biggest savings if we can visit more than one site in a single trip, it is our company policy to pass these savings on to our clients so it is always worth contacting us to see if we are already visiting your area; if we are, the price we charge you will be reduced.

Some of our clients in the past have clubbed together with other businesses and individuals in their area to use our services and we are happy for you to do this and take advantage of the lower prices that we can then give you.

Not In a Rush?

If you have a site that you would like an up to date aerial photograph of but you are prepared to wait for up to 3 months you can benefit from our lower cost aerial photography service. You provide us with the details of the target site and we will contact you to confirm you wish the photography to go ahead when we have other work in that area. In return for you being prepared to wait we can normally pass on to you savings of up to 40% on the standard price that we would have charged. If you decide on this option we will contact you shortly before carrying out the work to advise you of the final price you will pay and ask you if you still wish to proceed.

Near Overhead Photography Prices

Our near overhead photography service follows the same pricing structure as our oblique aerial photography.

Vertical Aerial Photography Services

For our vertical aerial photography service which can include full orthorectification and mosaicing if required. Please contact us for a no obligation quote tailored to your needs.