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Privacy Policy

Parts of this website require you to enter certain details about yourself. Any information you submit to us through the Above It All Photography website is subject to the privacy policy set out below.

How your personal information is collected

Personal information required to accept and process orders and to deliver prints, gifts and merchandise may be collected via written or electronic order forms, over the telephone or by email or by other acceptable means. Above It All Photography does not store customers credit card details or other financial information provided.

From time to time we may collate website statistics which provide us with information about the users of our website in the form of traffic data. We cannot readily identify any individual from this data and it is used only for the optimisation of the website.

Why we collect personal information

We will collect personal information regarding your name and address to allow us to verify your identity and accept/process orders for our goods and/or services. We may retain this information to allow us to profile our customers and we may from time to time contact existing customers to inform them of special offers and/or promotions.

We will only share information regarding our customers with third parties if it is necessary to the completion of a commission or contract to supply goods and/or services to that customer.


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