Oblique Aerial Photography from Above It All Aerial Photography

There are two types of oblique aerial photography - high angle and low angle. Roughly speaking, high angle oblique aerial photography is where the resulting image shows the apparent horizon. Low angle oblique aerial photographs do not. When you commission oblique aerial photography from Above It All you will normally get both types of aerial photograph supplied at no extra cost.

Included in the price will be a range of views from differing angles and heights. We will supply wide angle views showing the site in relation to any major transport network links and we also include detailed close up photographs of your site; we normally end up supplying clients with between 10 and 20 photographs. We try and be as flexible as possible for our clients so if you have a special request, we are normally happy to incorporate this. If you are not sure exactly the type of image that you require, your best bet is to speak to our experienced aerial photographers who will be happy to talk you through your options and help you to decide.

A good aerial photographer will discuss your requirements with you and make recommendations as to what type of aerial photography will best meet your needs but oblique aerial photography is the most commonly used method and certainly the most requested from our clients. Don't forget however, we do also supply "near overhead" photographs from almost directly above the subject and true vertical aerial photography through our partner network.

The prices for our oblique aerial photography service are extremely competitive and can vary depending on the location of the site to be photographed but also depending on whether you need the aerial photographs immediately or whether you are prepared to wait. If you can wait, we can pass on to you savings of up to 40% - for more information see our prices page. If you have multiple sites that you require aerial photographs of - perhaps for aerial construction progress reporting - we will again pass savings on to you. More information on our aerial construction progress reporting service is available on the dedicated pages of this site.

Example of an Oblique Aerial PhotoExample of a Near Overhead Aerial Photo